Breeding Regulations / GTC
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Breeding Regulations / GTC

Breeding Regulations / GTC

1. General

1.1. The breeding season starts on February 1, 2018 and ends on August 31, 2018.
1.2. It is possible to inspect the stallions any time, however, prior date arrangement is appreciated.
1.3. Resale of semen provided by Sporthengste – Krüsterhof GmbH by the buyer is prohibited.
1.4. Provided fresh semen of a stallion shall not be available at short notice during the breeding season due to special reasons (tournaments, illness), frozen semen will be provided, if possible, or choosing another station stallion shall be permitted.

2. Ordering semen

2.1. Semen for the following day has to be ordered before 10.00 am from Monday to Friday and before 9.00 am on Saturday. The following information is required: name of stallion, name and complete address of the mare owner, exact delivery address (if different from the address of the mare owner), details on the mare (name, registration number, copy of pedigree, age) and breeding association. Important: Please immediately forward the breeding certificate!

2.2. Only the vet, an insemination technician or own stock inseminators are entitled to breed the mare. The stallion holder shall not be held liable for mistakes or omissions of the breeding experts.

3. Dispatch of semen and insemination

3.1. Normally, one dose of fresh semen is dispatched. Max. three doses of semen are shipped per heat cycle.

3.2. Dispatch of semen is effected by parcel service. Corresponding costs will be charged to the mare owner.

3.3. Sporthengste - Krüsterhof GmbH assumes no liability for timely delivery of semen to the breeder resp. to the contractual vet after the semen has been properly handed over to the freight forwarder.

3.4. Sporthengste - Krüsterhof GmbH shall not be held liable for mistakes during insemination.

3.5. The semen container has to be returned to the stallion holder after insemination.

4. Stud fee, discounts and additional costs

4.1 The breeding fee shall be paid in two instalments, one advance payment and the balance to be settled upon confirmation of pregnancy.

Down payment for all stallions (exception: Asagao xx) shall be Euro 250, due upon first insemination of the mare. No additional discounts shall be granted on this flat rate and no credits shall be deducted.

The second instalment, the balance for the chosen stallion (indicated with each stallion) shall become due upon confirmation of pregnancy on October 1, 2018. Discounts and credits shall be deducted from this amount. A confirmation of non-pregnancy, issued by the corresponding vet, shall be required to waive the final payment (indication of registration number). We will grand a discount of Euro 100 on the balance for breeding two mares and more to Krüsterhof-stallions.

There will be no stud fee splitting for the stallion Asagao xx. The whole stud fee shall become due immediately upon receipt of invoice. Mares failing to become pregnant by Asagao xx in 2018 shall be granted a discount of 50% on the stud fee for 2019.

The stud fees are final prices (incl. VAT). Stud fee, freight charges and additional costs shall become due and payable within seven days after receipt of invoice.

4.2. Provided the stud fee shall not be settled within seven days after receipt of invoice, we reserve the right to withhold additional semen deliveries. The breeding certificate shall be issued and dispatched only after payment in full.

5. Boarding of guest mares during the breeding season

5.1. Stabling mares at the premises of EU insemination station Sporthengste - Krüsterhof GmbH shall be exclusively at mare owner’s own risk. The insemination station shall only be held liable in case of intention of gross negligence. This applies for the whole boarding period and the handling of the mare.

5.2. First instalment of the stud fee for these mares shall become due after the first insemination and shall become payable – together with the boarding fees – upon collection of the mare.

5.3. Behaviour problems in handling the mare such as claustrophobia, kicking etc. have to be announced upon delivery; the horse owner shall be held liable for personal injury and damages caused to the stallions or to the building and equipment, resulting out of potentially dangerous behaviour peculiarities.

5.4. There shall be stalls available for the boarding of guest mares at a daily fee of Euro 12 (+ VAT), for mares with foal at feet Euro 15 (+VAT), shavings Euro 15 (+VAT). This service includes daily grazing.

6. Mare health

6.1. With the exception of three- and four-year-old maiden mares, a swab examination shall be required for barren mares, to be presented to the station before the first insemination. For boarded mares, it is also possible to have a swab examination taken at the station.

7. Place of performance and jurisdiction

7.1. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction shall be the place of business of the stallion holder, also for contemporary or future claims from this business connection. In ordering semen with Sporthengste – Krüsterhof GmbH, the mare owner agrees to accept the General Terms and Conditions of the EU stallion station.



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