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Faszination de Malleret

v. Fürst Belissaro - San Remo - Davignon I
braun - geb. 2019 - 170 Stckm.

- 2021 Premiumstallion Hannover

    Approved for: Westphalia, Oldenburg, Rhineland and Hannover

    Breeder: Jan Schomaker, Wischhafen
    Owner: Haras de Malleret, Frankreich

    WFFS - Negativ

    Chilled semen:
    Insemination fee: 300€*
    In-foal fee: 650 €*

    * +7% Tax

    Faszination de Malleret – celebrated Premium Stallion at the Hanoverian Licensing!

    Faszination de Malleret inspired the audience from the first day on when he appeared at the Hanoverian Licensing last November. The smart bay stallion already made his fans with his first appearance at the triangle, displaying his remarkable rhythm in trott, free of any disturbing tension. He confirmed his outspoken quality of gaits at the lounging and running at liberty proving appealing use of his body and functional trot and canter. He was regarded one of the three most complete colts, not only by the audience.

    „The stallion was already well talked about before the main licensing. He was acknowledged with applause for his room-making trot and the canter was of even quality.“, a German equitation magazine wrote about him. Meaningful appreciation was given to the diligent walk in clear four-beat, “immediately and any time, walk was demanded!”, corresponding to a unique interieur. It was for a reason, Faszination de Malleret was promoted a „favourite of the audience“ and gained his Premium Title.

    Predestinated dressage genetics of very best ridability already marked his sire, the Celle State Stud Stallion Fürst Belissaro by Fürstenball x Belissimo. Same is true for damsire San Remo, whose legacy is considered of highest ridability amongst the numerous sons of Sandro Hit, accompanied by   corresponding self performance in the “big” dressage arena (S-class). The maternal pedigree is complemented by another powerful dressage legend, Davignon, in third generation. Davignon bestowed dressage influence upon the breed at the Pape Stallion station all his life, incarnating the exemplary prove for the nick-breeding of Donnerhall x Pik Bube. Two of the most meaningful jumper sires of their time complete the pedigree in fourth and fifth generation. These are Raphael and the stamp stallion Don Carlos, both of them winning-money millionaires by their progeny. These two provide for a solid jumper genetic basis, marking power, soundness and a strong backline. Tributes, no longer taken for granted in nowadays dressage horse breeding.

    Accordingly fascinating to the damsires is the damline Faszination de Malleret descends from: this is the damline of Pik Bube I and II, a mare family, the hanoverian breed owes so much to!

    In Westfalia, this damline was represented by State Stud Stallion Rüter for many years, successful in dressage up to S-class and he himself a son of Raphael and yet another welcome example of jumper genetic in dressage horse breeding. 

    The most popular international sport horse descending from this damline is Dohlenfürstin by Domspatz, ridden by World Champion Hartwig Steenken.

    In Hanover this damline is mainly distributed by PB Pik Bube by Pik König (PSG), LB Pik Bube II by Pik König, PB Donnerschlag by Donnerhall (Grand Prix Special), PB Bergamon by Baryshnikov, PB Bugatti Hilltop by Bergamon (Grand Prix), PB Riverside by Regazzoni, PB Ragazzo by Raphael (Inter I), PB Scuderia by Sir Donnerhall (PSG), LB Denoix PCH by Destano (Grand Prix Special).
    To the most successful sporthorses belong Santana (VA) by Sandro Hit (Olympic Games London, Mina Telde/SWE), Bonamour by Bonifatius (Grand Prix Special), Don Lucca by De Niro (Grand Prix Special), L.St.-DR Rania M by Rubin-Royal (Grand Prix Special), Soraya M by Samarant (Grand Prix), Reatino by Rubin-Royal (Grand Prix), Dubrovnik NRW by Diamond Hit (Inter II), Welcome Forever by Welt Hit II (Inter I), Steuben by Stedinger (Inter I), Rebelle by Don Schufro (Inter I), Aldebaran by A Jungle Prince (Inter I), Dumbledore by De Niro (Inter I), Lucia by Larome (PSG), Sir Friedrich by Sir Donnerhall (PSG), Washington by Werther (PSG) and many more.


    Fürst Belissaro Fürstenball Fürst Heinrich
    St.Pr.St.Belinda Belissimo
    Seute Dern San Remo Florestan I
    Donja Anjana
    Daniela Davignon
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