Johann Hinnemann - Krüsterhof Dressurstall

EU Insemination Station and Dressage Stable Krüsterhof

Krüsterhof in Voerde is home of an approved EU certified stallion station, which allows semen to be collected from the approved stallions right on the premises. Collected semen is processes on-site and then shipped to breeders.
Stepping into the stallion business as service partner of the Northrhine Westphalian State Stud in 1999, Krüsterhof Voerde was established into an independent, private insemination station in 2010, and has been growing rapidly since then. With our carefully selected, performance-oriented stallion collection and our team, complemented by our vet Tina in important position, we will continue our successful work together with you.

Riding Master Johann Hinnemann has been living and working at Krüsterhof for more than 40 years, and everything he tackles works well: Johann Hinnemann has written history as rider, trainer, stallion holder and breeder. His personal data sheet features stallion personalities such as Rubinstein, Ferro, Beltain and Fidermark. The quality seal “Hinnemann” is closely associated with Krüsterhof, and that’s how it should stay. Johann Hinnemann is assisted by Steffi Wolf and Tina Hinnemann, two strong women who are perfectly representing the two pillars of Krüsterhof, the dressage stable and the stallion station.

The dressage stable

"Chief Bereiter" Steffi Wolf (Master of Equine Management) has been working as head trainer with us since 2007 and is inseparably linked with Krüsterhof. Steffi is indispensable when it comes to operational management, however, her main profession is to accomplish great things in the saddle, from youngster age to Grand Prix-horses.

International highlights for sure are the bronze medal at the world breeding championships with Saphira Royal as well as the second and third place in the small tour at the CHIO Aachen 2018.

With Elton John, Rockman, Matchball OLD she managed to develop three further wc finalists up to PrixSt.Georges winners. The six year old For Gold OLD currently is on the same way. Over 70 wins in S*-S*** underline Steffis career as a dressage rider.


The Stallion Station

After more than 15 years, Tina Hinnemann returned to her parents’ farm Krüsterhof in summer 2012, completely motivated and full of ideas! After having studied vet medicine, Tina had worked for some years with Paul Schockemöhle in her specialist field of mare gynaecology and embryo transfer. Due to her work at Gestüt Lewitz and in Mühlen, she has gained plenty of experiences which would be hard to achieve anywhere else. Tina is specialized on qualified stallion and mare management and provides the best basic conditions to run the stallion station with Krüsterhof. As a special service, we offer the option of embryo transfer for your sport and broodmares.

More than one hundred mares are entrusted to her by the breeders every year. The well-being of the mares is very important to us, which is why we offer daily grazing as one part of the extensive service.

With Christina Kühn, Tina is supported by an excellent professional in all matters, from the office management, up to the mare management and the semen preparation. Of course we also offer our services for breeders, who decide to use stallion from other stations.

Together with our breeders, we are looking forward to continued successful cooperation and a great sport and breeding year 2020!

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